Flights Only

Flights only is the key site for booking flights and for departure and arriving flights . Able to view list of flights available for departure’s and arrival’s in grid view and list view. Flights timetable grid which allows us search for flights which fly on future available dates. Select Flights and able to book packages for holiday destinations. Search results which gives us the ability to select flights based on query posted by user. Flights Timetable is a flight scheduler which gives you ability to search for flights in a month. Browse pages have a google maps api to have a look at the flights flying from a source to destination in google maps.

In a team of 10, as a UI Developer, Murali was responsible for-

  • Designing the UI from Wireframes
  • Written dojo modules/ modular javascript to develop the application using Object oriented javascript.
  • Worked on Less css framework to create designs.

Environment: Dojo toolkit, CSS with LESS framework, HTML 5, Django HTML templates, underscore js, written test cases with JASMIN JS