EHR Front Desk & Twilio

Front desk/Appointment Scheduling module is build to provide patient lookup and appointment, including
Electronic billing, Insurance claims, remittances, eligibility verification, auto posting of claims, Payment posting and reporting. Front desk/Appointment module is integrated in EHR (Electronic HealthCare Recording), EHR is built for maintaining full patient history. Twilio is an API which was integrated in Front Desk Which Schedules Phone Calls and SMS to report patients
about their appointment.

In a team of 5, as a Software Developer, Murali was responsible for-

  • Implementing DOJO Pie Charts for Overview of Referrals.
  • Implementing Twilio API UI in Front Desk.
  • Responsible for building Reports UI(Insurance Aging Report and Referrals Report etc.).
  • Responsible for creating Billing UI (Claim Entry, Account history Rpt and Payment posting etc.).

Environment: JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, TOMCAT.