Nutalapati Murali

Murali Nutalapati

Web developer

Name:Murali Nutalapati
Date of birth:22/12/1986
Address:Crawley, UK
A Web Devel­oper who has a love of cre­ativ­ity and exper­i­ment­ing var­i­ous tech­niques in the web. Over 8 years of experience in Client/server and UI Development. My objective is to achieve high degree of excellence and be an asset in a progressive organization/company that offers a challenging opportunity, provides with good working environment and facilitates growth building on my forte. Looking for a responsible and challenging position that capitalizes on expertise in the area of Full stack development. Always positive in attitude and efficient team member.


December 2014 - present

CNW Electrical wholesale & Energy Solutions

UI Developer

This project is like any other E-commerce website who trade online for selling out products . CNW / BGW source and distribute electrical products to a wide range of sectors including data and communications, residential, commercial, oil and gas and industrial mining.Currently working on mobile as well as desktop website for CNW.

August 2014 - December 2014

ACSS Mobile

UI Developer

Airline Customer Self Service (ACSS) aims to improve revenue and customer satisfaction through a combination of business process and IT system changes covering the customer experience from pre-flight, at airport, flight day to post travel. These requirements represent changes to internal systems through to integration with airport systems and back again.

November 2013 - April 2014

Flights Only

UI Developer

Flights only is the key site for booking flights and for departure and arriving flights . Able to view list of flights available for departure’s and arrival’s in grid view and list view. Flights timetable grid which allows us search for flights which fly on future available dates. Select Flights and able to book packages for holiday destinations. Search results which gives us the ability to select flights based on query posted by user. Flights Timetable is a flight scheduler which gives you ability to search for flights in a month. Browse pages have a google maps api to have a look at the flights flying from a source to destination in google maps.

May 2014 - August 2014


Hybris-Business as usual. In this project we have done quick bug fixes for mobile devices and tablets which is and enhancements for frequent updates to production.I have created an enhanced Destination guide for

February 2013 - October 2013

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Software Developer

EHR will have the most key features that any EHR should support: Scheduling, Patient Demographics, Clinical Information, Prescriptions, Document Management, Billing, Appointments. It will support basic reporting requirements by State Health Agency and MOH (Ministry of Health). The EHR will be entered by the hospitals and shared by different level of users, such as MOH, State Health Agency, NGOs (Non-governmental organizations), International Organizations and Mass Media with different permission rights. Patients will also have access to their own medical records that won’t be misplaced and/or lost.

October 2012 - January 2013

EHR Front Desk & Twilio

Software developer

Front desk/Appointment Scheduling module is build to provide patient lookup and appointment, including Electronic billing, Insurance claims, remittances, eligibility verification, auto posting of claims, Payment posting and reporting. Front desk/Appointment module is integrated in EHR (Electronic HealthCare Recording), EHR is built for maintaining full patient history. Twilio is an API which was integrated in Front Desk Which Schedules Phone Calls and SMS to report patients
about their appointment.

April 2012 - September 2012

Inter Office Messaging

Software Developer

The main aim of inter office messaging is able to send and receive messages from a providers (Doctors) who belongs to the same practice. Providers have an option of creating custom message templates and message types to add from compose. Providers have an option of attaching a patient to the message When this happens the receiver of the message have a option to view patient demographics. Providers also have an option to add a note to the received message.


October 2013 - present

Sonata Software Ltd

Senior Systems Analyst

Being a part of Sonata as a web developer, i have been handling multiple projects with very tight timelines. As a web developer i have been working on multiple UI/UX technologies like Dojo, knockout js, node js, css with less, Object oriented javascript and many more..

Sonata Software

May 2014 - August 2014

TUI Travel Plc

UI Lead

UI lead at TUI Travel. I was responsible for creating prototypes/mockup’s for Thomson. I have extensively worked on Dojo, css with less, Junit test cases and Django html templates.

Thomson website

March 2012 - October 2013

Hdox India

Software Developer

Software developer at Hdox india. It was health care product and i was responsible for creating dashboards, Insurance reports and billing dashboards using pie/graph charts. I was working on Javascript, Jquery, CSS, JAVA, JSP and Servlets, UI utility libraries and finally Jquery plugins.

Hdox Website

April 2011 - February 2012

Cybermate Infotek Ltd

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at cybermate infotek. Being a part of cybermate i have extensively worked on JAVA, Frameworks like Structs and i was also in javascript and Jquery development.

Cybermate Infotek

July 2009 - April 2011

v1 technologies

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at v1 technologies, responsible for building highly complex data centric applications. I worked on Java and javascript technologies




Microsoft academy

Microsoft academy

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